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You'll benefit from the use of different chiropractic adjustment methods.  Dr. Gonstead developed the “foundation principle” to explain how a fixation in one area of the spine can create compensatory bio-mechanical changes and symptoms in another.  We have mastered the use of this principle to help you achieve a pain and stress-free life.

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The focus of the Gonstead adjustment method is to be as specific, precise and accurate as possible, addressing only the problem areas of the body.  At City Chiropractic, we make sure the adjustment is as accurate and painless as possible.  


The goal is locating and correcting any interference to the nervous system.

The Gonstead adjustment

You deserve to be kept safe during any chiropractic adjustment.  Since 1999, Dr. Wall has focused on using the safest techniques and methods to heal you.  


Since 1998, you can count on being treated like a member of our family during every step of your consultation and treatment.

Safety first

Dr. Wall is ready to help you be your best self with comprehesive chiropractic care. You'll be amazed by his dedication to practicing the Gonstead technique. City Chiropractic strive to help all of their patients heal freely and naturally

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Highly effective adjustment method

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Dr. Clarence Gonstead, and engineer by trade, developed the foundation principal.

Dr. Wall has mastered the use of this principal to help you

City Chiropractic specializes in the Gonstead method